About Me

"Changing the world one line of code at a time"

My name is Alex Nuzum. I'm a 0 year old software developer and web designer from Wexford, Ireland. I'm a final year computer science student at TU Dublin and I've 0 years of experience in web devlopment. I am passionate for web design and development and enjoy building cool web projects. I have a wide variety of skills ranging from HTML to Node.js.
My other hobbies include learning about science and technology, and I'm especially passionate about spaceflight and space related technolgies.

This is my personal portfolio. All the projects I have ever built are listed on this page. A person is more than their skillset, so hopefully you will know more about me by the time you are finished here. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Jupiter A small blue rocket akin to a childs toy


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3D randomly generated low poly world
Terrain Gen

Procedural Worlds

This is a procedural terain generation tool. It creates low poly mountainous terrain with lakes and rivers. This was originally planned to be a 3D space exploration game but browser technology has not advanced enough to be able to run the game efficiently.

The desert biome in my game
Blue Origins

Blue Origins WIP

Blue Origins is an open world space exploration game. Players can explore precedurally generated planets and build rockets to go to others. Not only is the world procedurally generated, but so are the NPCs, mobs and ores! Each and every player experience is unique.

A small farm in a sidescroller world
Give Us...

Give us...

Give Us... was a simple game I created with two other people during the inaugural Yogscast Game Jam.

The desert biome in my game


Here are some of the best videos I have made for my various projects.


Here are some music pieces I have writen for my videos and games

Interesting Title
My Waltz


Fusio Ltd.

Responsibilites: I did some website design and maintenance for various clients.

November 2015

Compudoc Arklow

Responsibilites: I took stock and tested faulty office equipment (computers, printers etc.)



Responsibilites: I designed and developed components for customer facing enterprise web applications.

2019 and 2020