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Tomorrow's Technology Today

Who We Are

Nuzum Nterprise is an upbeat tech startup based in Wexford, Ireland. Founded in 2017, Nuzum Nterprise continually develops the market leading Web OS - named Nebula - and creates experimental projects that push the boundaries of the web. Round circle with computer

What We Do

By developing Nebula OS, we have enabled people to be more productive. Traditionally, you had to use services like Dropbox or Google drive to share files. If you have multiple computers, you still have to install all your software on each one. With Nebula OS all your files and apps are stored in the cloud, allowing your productivity to soar to new heights. Round circle with clouds and a paper plane

How You Can Help

We may have awesome programmers, but we can't do it without you. If you are looking to join the founding team, donate some money, or just simply looking for more info, you can contact us at For jobs visit the careers page. Round circle with chtml closing tag

Meet The Team

The founder of Nuzum Nterprise
"Changing the world, one line of code at a time."

Alex Nuzum, CEO, CTO